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Replace Missing Teeth Permanently with Dental Implants

Implants feel and look just like your natural teeth do

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are beautiful, natural looking tooth restorations. Permanently placed, implants allow you the freedom to eat whatever you like and feel renewed confidence in your appearance. Implants simulate the look and feel of a natural tooth, including the root. This special design offers many benefits, including:

  • Natural appearance
  • Easy maintenance
  • No diet restrictions
  • Bone preservation
  • Secure fit of dentures without the need for adhesives

Expert Planning & Placement of Implants


  • Implant supported removable dentures
  • Replacement of single or multiple missing teeth for fixed ( non removable) crowns and bridges.
  • Peri implant repair  surgery
  • Diode laser soft tissue surgery
  • Bone grafting to increase bone density
  • Ridge augmentation/preservation to correct or prevent bone loss
  • Sinus augmentation/sinus lift
Dental Implants

From Bone Grafts to Implants

The loss of a tooth, whether due to extraction or to periodontal disease, often results in bone loss. Dr. D’Orazio can perform bone grafts to increase bone density or contour the bone before dental implants are placed. Your new implants require a sufficient amount of bone to complete the integration process that provides the secure foundation for your new smile.

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